Saturday, 2 January 2016

Drunk man dies after hugging massive firework to his face and lighting it

A man has died after he grabbed hold of a large firework and held it to his head in a drunken New Year celebration.
Ronald Vericio hugged the massive "Goodbye Philippines" firecracker as its lit fuse burned down moments after midnight last night,Daily Record reports..
According to reports, Mr Vericio had been drinking a lot when he pulled the firework close to him at around 12.10am in Manila, Philippines, this morning.

The firework then exploded with him still holding on - sending him flying.His live-in partner, Kristina Serrano, is thought to have called emergency services and told them what happened, but despite paramedics frantically trying to save his life, Mr Vericio died at around 1.45am.Janette Garin, Philippines health secretary, said:
 "His jaw was shattered. He was so intoxicated he hugged the Goodbye Philippines.

The dead man's partner told investigators that she had banned him from lighting fireworks after he became drunk, but claims he sneaked out of their home anyway and did it.

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