Friday, 15 January 2016

Celine Dion's Brother on Deathbed Hours after Her Husband's Death

Celine Dion is living a nightmare. Not only did she lose her longtime husband Rene Angelil, 73, on Jan. 14 but according to a new report, her 59-year-old brother, Daniel Dion, is dying of a very similar throat cancer.see more after the cut.. spoke with Celine’s rep Kim Jakwerth, who told them that Celine is heartbroken over not only the passing of her husband but of the impending death of her brother.

Celine’s family, including her 89-year-old mother, is by Daniel’s bedside at a hospital in Montreal, Canada.
 “They put Celine’s mother on a private jet on Monday and he’s still alive,” a source close to Celine tells “He was supposed to pass away already. It can
happen at any moment.”

Celine Dion's older brother Daniel
The insider said Celine isn't there and is currently in Las Vegas, “grieving and trying to put together [Rene’s] funeral plans.”

Celine’s brother has brain, throat and tongue cancer, according to TMZ.
“He had cancer sort of like Renee,” the source said “This is the brother that lost his wife to cancer last year. He was supposed to die on Tuesday and now it’s Friday … so there is no telling but it could be at any time.”
This is just horrible news. Celine’s husband died of throat cancer on Jan. 14 at their home in Las Vegas, surrounded by family.

Celine and husband Rene married in 1994 aand have three children together. They celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary just last month.

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