Monday, 4 January 2016

Ben Bruce Calls For Youth In Government

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce representing Bayelsa state in the 8th Senate has once again restated his earlier belief for the involvement of Nigeria youths in the running of government.
Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has advocated for the youths involvement in politics
Bruce advised the youth to look beyond partisan politics affinity and seek for the amendment of the
constitution that will made the inclusion of the youth in government compulsory and constitutional.
The senator made this stance in a Facebook post  on Monday, January 4.

If I am to advise youths, I would ask them to look beyond APC & PDP and seek for a constitutional provision requiring ,’ he continued by saying, “If the Constitution can require a minister from each state, why can’t the constitution require at least 6 youth ministers?”
Bruce further stated that the youth aged between 18-36  comprise over 40% of the population of the country and wondered why the representation of this age bracket in government is zero.
He added that Nigeria experienced the fastest economic growth during the tenures of leaders who governed the country when they were youth.
The senator said: “Youths 18-36 comprise over 40% of our population yet comprise 0% of the present federal cabinet. That’s not democracy.

“Nigeria achieved some of her fastest economic growth ever under leaders who were youths (Gowon and Murtala).
“This present administration is devoid of youths as appointees at ministerial, permanent secretary or ambassadorial levels.
As many people before me have said, society grows when old men plant trees whose shade they know they won’t enjoy.”

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