Monday, 28 December 2015

Fight Poverty, Prosecute APC Member - Sola Kuti To Buhari

A political analyst and social commentator, Sola Kuti, has advised the federal government to fight poverty which he identified as the root cause of corruption in Nigeria.
Sola Kuti
Kuti who spoke on the topic “good governance, killer of corruption” at the recently concluded TEDx Jabi talk in Abuja noted that anti-corruption crusade that should have the buying of all Nigerians.

Kuti attributed the high level of corruption in Nigeria to need and greed, maintaining that the government should prosecute individuals charged with corruption without regard for their political party.
Watch the video below:
He said: “No one can fight corruption where poverty reigns. It is crucial that the govt looks closely at the corruption of need which is perpetrated by all Nigerians in one way or the other. The fight against corruption is impossible in a place where people cannot survive on their income.

“What are the consequences for corruption in Nigeria? Nothing. Infact the bigger you steal, the easier you walk free. Most of the prisoners in Kirikiri prison, are those who stole goats and phones while our big men get promoted for stealing.
“Any anti-corruption campaign that does not have the buying of all (not some) Nigerians has already failed before it starts. If you want to fix Nigeria, you have to show that you are concerned about everyone. If you must punish people for corruption, punish everyone also.
“If a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) member is persecuted, prosecute an All Progressives Congress (APC) member. Today, there is no APC person who has been persecuted. Just do the balancing game. There are governors who have had cases since 1999, 2007 and they are still working free while some are serving senators,” he added.
Kuti stated that with determination, drive and discipline, Nigeria would win the war against corruption.

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